Technology at Play

Published December 9, 2022 by tindertender

By @shiftingtimeline

The technology utilised on the planet at the moment is all part of a synthetic grid purposefully instituted by fallen aspects of creation to exploit living systems to sustain their existence. They are perverting natures laws to invert reality and generate a virtual reality that tries to mimic organic reality, digitising and commodifying nature. This is what the push toward Web 3.0 and its architecture (NFTs, digital currency etc.) is about.

The technologies at play currently in the 3D are just the tip of the iceberg, gradually being rolled out to desensitise us to them and win our consent. This is why they are always presented in a way that seem convenient or harmless fun, until we are in too deep. If we were to understand their nefarious nature, we wouldn’t have let it get this far. They are feeding a digressive pathway that isn’t beneficial for our evolution.

Earth and its inhabitants are being used as the battery power to energise artificial fallen realities that have lost connection to self sustaining source energy. This is what the neural interfaces are about – to plug the collective mind within a technological singularity. Think of the pods in the matrix films as an extreme representation of this. This is why we should be discerning when mindlessly jumping on the hive mind bandwagon. By doing so we are consenting to the perpetuation of that timeline.

This technological reset is part of a new beast system proclaiming to be ‘for the people’ using false charismatic figureheads to win the minds of those who haven’t taken the self responsibility to become their own internal authority and are looking for an external saviour. We don’t need to outsource our authority to imposters who want to usurp creation for their self-gain, they believe they can play creator.

There is only a finite amount of energy within this closed source system. If we were to starve the parasitic consciousness of its lifeblood, it would wither and dissolve back into the ether. If the collective consciousness continues to plug in to this energy leaching inverted reality, then the planet will hit the reset button and shed its physical body as a self-corrective mechanism. This is the same as when our physical body dies in a state of disease and disconnection. Nature strives for balance and we are destined to repeat the past until we heed the lessons and course correct back in alignment with the organic pathway.

The current expression of reality is reflecting to us what needs attention for healing and integration. Reality is responding to us. At the moment we are running off programmed distortions which are keeping us quarantined from higher stations of identity, until we graduate through our own personal efforts to move back along the ascension pathway without posing a threat to the higher realms, which have already experienced distortions on multiple dimensional levels.

We are frequency conduits who can transform the energetic landscape by activating the source codes within our own DNA, by coming back to consciousness and acting responsibly to honour the interconnected web of life, beyond the myopic lens of the ego that believes there are no repercussions for violating divine law.

There is still purity within this world. It is accessed through our inner source light and connecting to the divinity within us and the natural world, which is the gateway to higher consciousness.

We are electromagnetic beings who can direct consciousness to shape reality without exploitation. The power of our imagination can literally birth new worlds if there is enough energetic momentum behind it.

What we choose to invest in will increasingly be reflected back to us externally as the timelines speed up during this great bifurcation. We may each experience this transition differently according to where our soul is currently aligned on its journey.

As we mobilise with others of similar soul resonance on a higher bandwidth, we create a quantum overlay to the synthetic grid that tags into our unconscious blind spots and wounds.


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