Three Dimensions Are Such A Beautiful Idea

Published December 6, 2022 by tindertender

Written by @Akashicel

They are able to transform a computer program into a world of spirits we can taste, smell, touch, and change life.

Everything we do, see, feel, is stored and file saved the very moment it appears, forever.

Long ago this construct has been hijacked by outsiders. Since, we are subjects to death cult solfeggio frequencies and golden cult fibonacci timelines.

All done in order to harvest our very life-force to feed entities.

Those ones who believe they cannot exist without our blood, minerals, electricity, our ability to love and forgive.

Air-aether carries all information, all and everywhere.

Every little spark inside our brains. Every sound our bones emit. Very easy to intercept and harvest, very easy to alter our thoughts before they appear.

This ends now.

Self-proclaimed controllers are lost, knowing their harvest programs are coming to an end indefinitely. All layers of control. From outsiders, false gods, priests, down to freemasons and corporations.

By the end of 2023 the grid will be ours again.

May some cities will lay in ashes for the goal. May some colors change. Resistance was not futile.

The flower of death is departing from this Earth, but it cost millennia of patience and multitudes of human life-times in the process, the slaughter has yet not ended.

If you read this right now, you are inside a human body.

Ask yourself, why are you here, at this particular time of change.

Are you really here to voice your complains about unjust and this and that? Are you here to endure? To suffer? What is your choice?

Many of us know exactly why they are here, now, it is not coincidence.

Please burn your freemasonic black penguin suit and help yourself. The roofs of our houses shall not have pyramid shapes, ever again.

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