The Arc

Published November 30, 2022 by tindertender

Written by @Akashicel

The assumption that a life conserving arc has to be a ship, navigated by brave leaders is a toy story, sold to us by members of secret societies, calling themselves ”arc”heologists.

The real arcs are always under ground, conserving self-proclaimed kings and queens and their followers for the time after destruction of Earth, reset after reset.

Antarctica is the preferred place right now and all arcs are ready and manned.

Thousands of them on our continents for the lower levels of ”rulers”.

Situated under cities, airports, and lonely farmyards. All operational and fully manned.

The stories about them are many.

The purpose is always the same, destroy humans on the surface before they destroy their self-proclaimed leaders. The outcome is always the same. 90% of the inhabitants pass away because they were too low in rank to really know what is ahead.

This is an ancient arc controlled by priests.

Panic, control, fighting, protesting, lockdowns, are just a meaningless game for them in the very moment in time.

The future is fluid, and the state of this Earth depends on all of us; where attention goes, energy flows, and what we feed with our attention, grows.

The last reset took place in 1842.

Mudflood and Great Tartaria. The tartarian empire is a psyop to keep us from asking more questions. The tartarians were the old freemasons, just the russian kind.

The mudflood happened by applying a variety of high and low frequencies, by which all soil became liquid, got destroyed and covered all bigger human settlements.

After a large part of humanity was wiped out, there were trains full of orphanages, coming from underground bunkers.

They were the only part of society allowed to stay alive, beside high ranking freemasons.

If you dig into your own bloodline family history, you will not be able to find out who your great-great-grandparents were.

If you look at graveyards and cemeteries, you may find graves prior to the 1842. The surnames written on them do no longer exist living nearby.

If you find one, then that is a freemasonic bloodline.

All old buildings have half buried windows, often up to 20M below there are buried structures under all buildings.

Mainstream mass-media in Russia claimed they were buried by the owners, who wanted them to remain hidden without any building plans existing with those hidden structures on it.

After the last reset buildings very buried in mud and later owned by the new ruling class, claiming to have built these structures on their own.

Baroque or renaissance structures worldwide have the same style. Yet nobody can reproduce any of those old buildings and statues.

Most old churches were not made by christians.

If you take for example a mosque, which was former a church, in 200 years will anyone ever know it was formerly a church?

If you have a building built for healing purposes, put a cross on top and claim to built it on your own and give a date of construction, how would not believe you if the original builders all died in a catastrophe?

History books are fake and historical buildings like the pyramids or Stonehenge were built only no more than 300 years ago.

If you find old pictures of the Sphinx for example you can clearly see it has been repaired massively and many structures in the Middle East were added recently.

When ISIS destroyed “old statues” you could see that all of them had metal poles inside them and all of those “antiques” were just made of sandstone, which supposedly survived for ”2500 years”.

If you have curiosity to learn more, you are welcome to join 1 on 1 sessions, to listen and speak human to human, heart to heart, soul to soul.

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