Published December 1, 2022 by tindertender

Written by: @Tenomnft

herbs for cleansing the lungs:


herbs for inflammation:

sarsaparilla root
burdock root
holy basil
cats claw

symptoms of mucus build up in the lungs:

  • wheezing
  • difficulty sleeping
  • throat irritation
  • chest congestion
  • cough that produces phlegm
  • respiratory infection

symptoms of inflammation in the chest:

  • fever
  • cough
  • tenderness
  • neck and shoulder pain
  • inability to breathe deeply

taking your herbs:

the best way to take your herbs when fighting against mucus and phlegm is in liquid/tea form. the body needs to stay hydrated in order to keep the mucus thin within your body.

the healing process:

healing is process and in order to do so naturally we have to be sure our environment is conducive to the healing process.

  • when it comes to clearing out our lungs it’s important to keep the air moist.

– dry air irritates our noses and throat, our bodies began to create more mucus as a lubricant to keep our nasals moist. using a humidifier can help to keep our airways lubricated during our healing process, especially while sleeping. I recommend using eucalyptus oil.

  • stay elevated and keep your head high.

– sleeping and resting in a elevated positions will prevent mucus build up in the back of the throat. I recommend using hypoallergenic pillows as it’s worked well for me when fighting sinus infections and battling mucus build up.

– try to avoid suppressing your coughs.

instead, take a breath that is slightly deeper than normal. use your stomach muscles to make a series of 3 rapid exhalations with the airway open. this technique is proven to help loosen and move mucus upward toward the larger airways.

– avoid smoking/ second hand smoke.

this one may be difficult but it’s important to give our air airways a rest from smoking. If you use marijuana, I recommend steeping your herb in tea form until your sinuses and air ways are cleared. i recommend avoiding tobacco completely.

🌿 i posted step by step instructions on how I like to steep my herb (marijuana) here: https://linktr.ee/zahratenom

disclaimer: this is not medical advice but information derived from my personal clinical research. please consult your doctor or physician before taking any holistic supplements or alternatives especially when paired with pharmaceutical treatments if you have no experience.

healing holistically is a process that requires both our minds and bodies to be in direct communication. it requires us to listen to how we feel, and how to patient with ourselves. when we heal from the inside, we radiate good health on the outside🌿

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