This Is It ~ Reintegration

Published November 20, 2022 by tindertender

Written by @shiftingtimeline

We are participating in the final stages of a long standing conflict spanning millennia, during this ascension window of opportunity.

The fallen aspects of creation are trying to keep earth locked within a lower frequency prison through genetic digression and enforced amnesia.

Historically, repeated cataclysmic events through magnetic reversals and pole shifts led to memory wipe and civilisation reset. Otherwise, humanity would wake up and remember their origins and break the cycle.

We can break the pattern if enough of us take self-responsibility to heal our internal conflicts/shadow and reach a critical mass in the collective consciousness to restore the planetary grids back to their integrity.

At the moment the leylines and stargates have been hijacked to run reversals that feed into the phantom realms, which is like a parallel, artificially sustained fallen system which interfaces with the earth.

As frequency anchors we can elevate the vibratory field of the planet to move outside the range of the anti-christ forces and disable their artificial infrastructure.

From a wider vantage point, this is all reflecting where we are on the grand evolutionary journey back to source. We all have something to learn through this fall down the dimensional layers and into duality. We are the co-creators.

Even the fallen ones will eventually have to reintegrate back to source, because nothing is truly separate from the one source, except an illusion we create for ourselves when we forfeit or forget this nature.

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