Dark Night of the Soul?

Published October 30, 2022 by tindertender

Must accept 100% responsibility.

Life constantly reflects back to us what we put into the world.

Meditate. Stop complaining. Take action. Double your goal. Think bigger.

Waiting until there’s no fear? It doesn’t work like that. Feel the fear, take action anyway.

That’s called courage.

Courage to:

Acknowledge mistakes

Lower pride, don’t make yourself more important than others, make them equally important.

Fear cannot be suppressed or denied. It must be embraced. Our society has become “feeling avoidant”. Go to the center of the energy and really feel into it, breathe the breath of life into it.

Gain emotional competence.

Go to the center of the most intense portion of the energy.

“Not useful” emotions create a cloud around us. It’s only a projection of “what might happen” into the future.

Having fear of the future potential calamity holds back the possibility of “more”.


A compassionate feeling and caring for another human being.

Whatever you want … give it first.

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