Time Loop

Published October 4, 2022 by tindertender

Time seems to be going so fast that I feel it’s going to flip.

Is this the time war? Where we go one direction for awhile, then reverse for awhile? Do we just bounce from one polarity of the time construct to the other? Are we trapped in a loop? If so, how do we blast out?

I see it as a sock, flying thru the air with a golf ball in it. It goes very fast, then the ball stops suddenly and the sock peels up and propels the ball into the other direction.

Is it possible that instead of the sock rolling up and pushing off the ball, that the ball could actually tear the fibers of the toe and burst forth from the sock before it flips?

Can the momementum which carry’s the sock move faster than the sock?

At peak momentum, does the golf ball (earth) protract some device which pierces the “fabric” of time, ending the loop?

Maybe slipping out of the sock is a good thing.

Maybe what appears as a loop, is something other.

You’d have to speak to the Loop Masters about that.

I Choose My Fantasy.

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