Vice Versa

Published October 2, 2022 by tindertender

There’s a difference between trans male or female and Two Spirited male or female… I don’t understand why one would wish to be less than their fullness, or claim to be …

“Two Spirit” was not intended to be interchangeable with “LGBT Native American” or “Gay Indian”; rather, it was created in English (and then translated into Ojibwe), to serve as a pan-Indian unifier, to be used for general audiences instead of the traditional terms in Indigenous languages for what are diverse, culturally-specific ceremonial and social roles, that can vary widely (if and when they exist at all). Opinions vary as to whether or not this objective has succeeded. The decision to adopt this new, pan-Indian term was also made to distance themselves from non-Native gays and lesbians, as the term and identity of two-spirit “does not make sense” unless it is contextualized within a Native American or First Nations framework and traditional cultural understanding.”

It seems to me that trans male and female hate their born gender so greatly, they will go to any extreme to be its opposite. Extremes seem to be the chosen, personal announcement of self.

Two-Spirited people, to me, acknowledge their born nature, but also embrace their tendencies to the opposite gender roles.

One seeks to escape their born identity, the other is enhanced by it.

One requires physical character changes, the other is simply what it is.

Extremism and escapism vs acceptance and expansion.

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