Now Moment Energy

Published May 8, 2022 by tindertender

By @lightworker4441

As soon as I went outside today the energy felt different. As I began to drive and tune in to the energy I saw an image of a clock with many hands spinning. From this image I got the distinct impression that time is losing all meaning.

As of late I have been receiving more information from the ascended masters. Today very appropriately I received a message connected to Mother Mary. I have always had a great love for Mother Mary and Jesus. Everyday I wear 3 charm bracelets: Mother Mary, Jesus and Mary Magdalene and believe they were very close in the lifetime they were together.

Driving I saw aquamarine light stream down on me to cleanse and purify my energy field and was shown an image of Our Lady of Lourdes. The Pleiadians are working with her to increase the piezoelectric crystals in the water of our bodies as well as the water on earth. This will improve our ability to self heal and remain in good health. In addition, the increase in these high frequency crystals work to add length on the telomeres of our DNA extending our lifespans.

Finally, the increase in these crystals will transform our cells into powerful spiritual hearing centers so that we are able to communicate freely and easily with higher dimensional beings including the angels and our galactic family.

The water of Lourdes is within and around us. We are being healed on aspects of our being with the assistance of Mother Mary and our galactic family.

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