Published April 25, 2022 by tindertender

Care is needed to maintain balance to ensure that everything progresses smoothly and flows harmoniously at this time.

Happiness, success and triumph, excellent relationships, a happy marriage, contentment, prosperity and good health are about to shine favorably in this situation.

When challenges arise, remain calm. You have what it takes to defend your position and overcome any obstacles put before you. Have confidence in yourself. You possess the courage to stand up for what you believe in.

Something you’ve been waiting for finally comes through, this could relate to work, money, or love.

Unexpected opportunities can bring welcome change. Remain open, as you will need to make a major choice seemingly out of the blue. Sometimes, we need to take a leap of faith.

Success, victory and triumph is assured. This isn’t overnight success, but rather an accomplishment of a goal that has been steadily worked toward; rewards are well deserved and you will feel delighted with your achievements.

You fear you will be dragged down, enslaved in relationship, or addicted, whether it be to an ideal, or something else. You are tensed and ready for betrayal.

Others may see you as if you are in a deadlocked situation. There is always something that can be done. No decision is still a decision. Take an active part in your destiny.

You are not afraid to takes risks. You have high energy, endless energy, and may be feeling bored right now. Delegate tasks to others if needed. You are a creator and have good vision.

You need to keep calm at this time and make decisions based on facts, not emotion. You will be in a powerful position to achieve your goals. Financial stability, ambition, authority and achievement are highlighted. This could be supported by a powerful male figure.

A balanced mind is needed in order to come to a well-balanced decision that is fair and reasonable for all concerned. Justice will provide a beneficial outcome.

There is emotional happiness within a group. Relationship that is emotionally fulfilling, bringing a happy conclusion to matters ~ victory, abundance. Reason for celebration.

There could be a partnership with a man of law and discipline. In his presence, you get the distinct feeling you are being evaluated. He bases his decisions on facts, not emotion. He is razor sharp.

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