Wheel of Fortune

Published April 2, 2022 by tindertender

Creation is destructive, it’s the nature of it. Expand, destruct, expand, destruct. It’s the way of cycles, of growth.

Some have chosen to hi-jack this growth potential, have done everything they can think of to harness it’s potential. To live off its power, while the actual source of these potentials are harnessed, drugged, and tamed into docile forms, or tortured to increase the power source.

They see the HUman, the Soul, as a battery, a food source, life … they live off Soul of other, for they are incapable of self sustainment without harming others. They brutalize the Soul of the planet.

Question: Can the power of source creation ever truly be harnessed?

Answer: Maybe for a time, but the time will end. May even be ending right now, as those who have been accustomed to domination attempt to steer the destruct/create mode we find ourselves in into their desired outcome.

Question: Will they succeed in mutating creation once more? Will they succeed in dominating the process of true creation?

Answer: Perhaps on one timeline they do. It’s sort of like Wheel of Fortune. There are all these timeline potentials on the board. Right now folks are spinning the wheel, hoping to land on a specific spot, a specific place.

Perhaps the Universe, FULL of varying aspects of Source Creation, is actually just playing a game, a game where everyone wants to win the BIG prize.

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