Energetic Manipulation

Published April 2, 2022 by tindertender

Believe it or not, in the current system, the energetic vampire plays an important role.

Imagine a world full of sad souls who’s energetic imprint of suffering wasn’t fed upon. It would spread and expand into the universal system, affecting all else in a toxic way.

Unfortunately, those who feast upon this energy have decided they really really like it, so they created a program, hi-jacking the consciousness of the people, to keep them in a state of lack and suffering. Perpetuating this cycle.

They’ve even expanded this controlled program into the universal system. They hi-jacked the natural flow of creation and mutated it into what we see now.

Well, they can’t keep interfering with the evolution of Source Creation, within the HUman and many other forms of life, although they’d like to very much, and even fight in a brutal way to maintain it. Even coming here from the future, to protect their future.

Creation WILL expand, whether the dominators want it to or not. Creation is like lava, or a swollen river in the winter. It moves and cannot be stopped.

What we are seeing now is a crumbling of the old, and the attempt by the old guard to steer this unavoidable shift into what they wish it to be.

Again, Creation as a swollen river in winter, or a slow moving lava flow, will not be stopped.

Flood gates are opening.

It will be what it will be.

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