Love Is Only Lost When We Kill It Our Self

Published March 26, 2022 by tindertender

32 years ago I was in relationship with an older man. We were together for 7 years, I thought we would be married … instead he had an affair and even bought her a house, he was bored with me.

At first, I was extremely hurt, angry, betrayed. I questioned my value, once again, as it was rejected by one I loved, once again.

I had to move out, I lost my job, my dog was murdered, and I became homeless, living in my car. It was an extreme low point in my life.

Beginning: I had deep love for a man who could not love me.

Middle: I worked through my jealousy and hurt, found that love still existed in my heart for him.

Present: He is my best friend, longest known friend, once lover, now brother, and guardian.

Love does not end, unless we choose to kill it. Even through betrayal and abandonment, if we can remember the love, nurture it even when our heart is breaking, the love will transform, become something else, different, yet still powerful.

When our heart breaks, it is only expanding … and trust me, I know how it can put one into a spiritual dark well, and it can take a long time to climb out into the sun once more …. but expand, you will.

If you have been betrayed, rise above it and remember the love. Never forget the love. Perhaps this one is not meant to be lover, but is more compatible as friend. And should they choose to walk away, release them …. it brought necessary growth, in disguise.

My longest known friend? He now considers me to be his best friend. And I’m living in the house he bought for the woman who interjected herself into my relationship. And she knows I’m living here …..

It does not pay to break up relations. It does no good on the karmic trail to cause heart break for a sister, or brother. It does not do any good for self to take take take from another. It only prolongs the suffering that must come from such actions.

Be aware. Take care. Remember the love, regardless of those who bring suffering.

The controllers of this world subliminally program minds to perpetuate situations of suffering. We must not allow them to maintain this control.

Remember the love, feed its memory.

Do not attach to the suffering, for it is you who generates the energy of sadness and it is you who are feasted upon by the energetic vampires when you do.

Control the emotion, do not be controlled by it.

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