Guiding Light

Published March 12, 2022 by tindertender

A sublime sanctuary resides within you. It is always there. You are connected to something greater – something that exists outside of time. Some might call it ‘eternity’.

Within this sanctuary, sacred sound is felt rather than heard. That sacred sound is the reverberating heartbeat of the entire universe. Your own heart rhythm is inside this universal heartbeat. It is through this heartbeat that we experience a love that inspires, energizes and moves us to create, even beyond what we thought was possible.

Trust your heart. You know what to do. You know what is true.

Your willingness to trust your heart and rebel against fear will serve you well. Let your heart lead you. Be sure of your faith and trust in what you feel.

You are shifting now, from head to heart. You are exactly where you are meant to be, doing exactly what you are meant to be doing.

You are now in a position that is more powerful than ever, because you are allowing yourself to be guided by your heart – a heart that beats in harmony with the heart of all existence.

Your affairs are in accord with love and no matter what may appear to be at times, all is unfolding according to that greater love. You included.

“I love you. I trust you. You are beautiful and you are wise. You beat in harmony with the greater plan of love. You are my guiding light.”

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