Divinity in Motion

Published February 18, 2022 by tindertender

Those divinely sent will fulfill their mission. There is no other path. One needs to rest assured, the ticking of time and the movement of space will set us just Right to do what we came here For. Again and Again.

We were given enough time to explore the Darkness and come back. We thought of ourselves as Dark, but Only Light within Us.

Your Authority prevails in this realm. It always has and will. Your Will Power supersedes any entity.

All the Universe can be as small or big as you make it to be. The Universe can be your room, your country, your planet.

The Universe is alive, its heartbeat matching yours.

Think about this way. The World is your organs. The Universe, your skin. What you experience as your body is a particular point of reference of All that You are.

The Universe is your Vessel.

You are the greatest affirmation of Life, Light and Love. A mesmerizing Bright Star. The Crown Jewel of what Could be and Is. Pure, Divine Spirit incarnated. Cristalline Soul.

You willingly sacrificed part of your Divinity to incarnate here. You are still a treasure. A wonder. All Light was preserved in You. Radiant Glow.

What you are doing in this Earth is beautiful. Future, Present and Past are benefiting. We greatly appreciate your Service.

Vibrate in unison to that frequency you want to become and you shall be. Heroes make fear a secondary priority, guides put themselves second, leaders lead by example. Are you willing? Then You will Will this into your Reality.


Image: Unsplash.com

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