Counsil Fire

Published January 7, 2022 by tindertender

To admit wrongdoing and to make amends builds character and makes a Tribe or Nation stronger. There is no losing face when a person is willing to make amends. Honor is found in the willingness to change. This act of courage, which is the willingness to right a wrong, allows everyone to see how the offender is once again walking the Sacred path.

One comes to realize a sense of unity when observing the way our Ancestors had of making democratic Council decisions. When the good of the whole is placed before the good of the few, all are assured of a future filled with abundance. These teachings stress that until all the People are doing well, in truth none of the People do well. This idea encompasses all races and creeds because Grandfather Sun shines on us all. We then respect the value of the individual and acknowledge the need to nurture the Self first so that the talents each individual brings into the world can feed all of the People. If these guidelines are followed, the Children of the Earth will break the bonds of inequality and dictatorship.

If you have been waffling over what to do next, the Council Fire card is insisting that you make a decision. There can be no forward movement if you fail to decide which trail will lead out of the swamp and into the forests. It takes courage to make changes in your life and all changes must begin with a decision. Do it and don’t look back. Life awaits you in all of its beauty.

If the decision of another has left you in a precarious position, make new decisions of your own. There is no need to make your decisions based upon another’s. Consider all possibilities and how your decision affects others, then be courageous enough to act. Find your truth and stick to it.

Illustration by Linda Childers

~ The Sacred Path oracle cards by Jamie Sams

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