Universal Mind

Published January 3, 2022 by tindertender

Your thought and mind act upon Universal Mind. Your thought and my thought is a law unto ourselves. It is just as much a law unto your life and mine as God’s law is to the universe. There is no difference. It is absolute, and moreover all there is in your life and mine is thought, or our word, or its activity. Nothing can hinder it from manifesting.

Now for the sake of clearness, I want you to think of yourself as in this Mind. Don’t think of this Mind as being in you; rather think of yourself as a center in this Mind. Of course this Mind flows through you, but think of yourself as the center of it. That is your principle. You think, and this Mind produces it. Now there is one of the big points in metaphysics and it is one of the reasons why so few people succeed. They do not understand the impersonal nature of the Mind. They think, “I’ve got something tremendous to do, I have to hold the thought.” Thinking the thought is what does something. Thought sows the seed in Mind, and without this Mind nothing could be made…

The person that gets the best results is who realizes the impersonality of the Mind, the absoluteness of it, and then who can project into it the clearest concept. The reason being that all is a law of cause and effect. We think a thought into Mind and Mind returns it to us manifested as we thought it. First, the impulse to think, then the thought, then the thought is imaged in infinite Mind, and infinite Mind creates and causes it to become and effect. That is always the way it works. Just see how we may relieve ourselves! The responsibility rests in Mind to do the creating, and not in you and not in me. We are not responsible for the slightest thing in this regard. What I mean is this: Neither by your taking thought or by my taking thought, humanly thinking, could we do the slightest thing. But there is a principle flows in and through us and everybody does the thing. That means that in your work you can be absolutely impersonal.

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