Gratitude for Family ~ A Prayer

Published December 28, 2021 by tindertender

You showed me how to empower myself. You suggested, you pointed the way, you lived an example, you had faith in me and you let me loose. It has not always been easy, in fact rarely so … it is only one of many experiences we HUmans collectively share. All of WE have taken instruction differently, added our own twists and energetics to the form. We have sailed the seas of lower vibrational energies … fought with it, loved it, rejected it, embraced it … and perhaps finally rose above it … or are about to.

Thank you for loving WE enough to give us this opportunity – opportunity to rise to the occasion … here, where we find ourselves in these now moments.

As we awaken to the flow within us, may we remember You first, this connection we share from the beginning, to now.

Thank you for the blessing … of self-perception, the challenge of loneliness, and the excitement of togetherness … to know the varying ranges of emotion, to feel the energy of each … for the expanded awareness of what this truly means … for the challenge of mastering our mind, our emotion, of steadying Self so we may steer the energy of the body ~

~ So that we may acknowledge and enjoy to an even greater degree what we have with You, what we have in our Home.

Materializing quickly … into the new.

The next cycle begins.

Image: Public Domain

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