Rainbow Children

Published December 15, 2021 by tindertender

I Looked, and I Saw

The field was large, grass covered the ground. I heard laughter, the laughter of children. I looked again and saw them dancing in circle, a very large circle … white children, brown children, blond children, brunette children.

The chief was Native. He was directing people where they need go. There was a woman who asked one young blond boy with thick sandy blond hair if he wanted to part the sea …. he said excitedly, mine? She said yes, and with a brush, she proceeded to comb his hair forward and then part it in the middle.

A woman with streaks in her hair was with a masculine, they were observing. She kept inching closer and closer to the crowd, stepping away from the masculine she was with.

There was a big pot with a sweet syrupy elixir. This woman stepped up and put her fingers into the spill of it, mesmerized. It looked as though she was leaving behind the old, which spied and tracked, to join with the laughing children and their caregivers.

The children are being freed. The rainbow tribe is being assembled.

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