I Want to be a Queen

Published December 15, 2021 by tindertender

Stating your sovereignty – Declaring Freedom – Passing a Test

“I don’t want to be anybody’s prisoner. I want to be a Queen.”
“So you will, when you’ve crossed the next brook,” said the White Knight.

When Alice declares she does not want to be anybody’s prisoner, she is establishing her self-determination. She is a free person, even in the strange world she finds herself within. She will not allow herself to be imprisoned, enslaved or taken into captivity – even if her incarceration was to be comfortable. She declares her intent strongly, she wants to be a Queen – a ruler in her own right, a person who has power, influence and will take charge of herself in her own world. And, she will embrace all the responsibility and scrutiny that comes with the role.

You are being asked to free yourself from captivity, enslavement or imprisonment. You do not wish to be anybody’s prisoner. You were born to be free! It is time to liberate yourself from any shackles and embrace your innate power. You also want to go further than freedom – you are seeking power. Not so much power over others, but the kind of power that sees you able to help yourself, make wonderful choices, rule with justice and compassion, and forge your own destiny.

You are ready to become the Queen and make your own choices in your own way. You are set to rule your world – indeed, to shape your world. You will no longer ask for permission to come and go. You will declare, make the rules and decide what takes place in your dominion. Instead of fearing your power, you will embrace it and the enormous energy that comes with stepping into your own potential.

Raising your status. You are taking charge of your life, making decisions for yourself and setting rules and boundaries that work for you. Declaring your independence. Becoming powerful and influential. Wanting to embrace your potential.

Artwork by Jasmine Becket Griffith

~ the Alice in Wonderland oracle by Lucy Cavendish

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