Awaken Cells! Activate!

Published November 6, 2021 by tindertender

I’m no scientist, and I have no Ph.D., but I do have experience with the effects of a properly hydrated and nourished body.

Hydrated cells are more easily flushed of toxins. Proper hydration allows for the cell to flow freely throughout the body system, allowing the cell to function at its optimum.

A well hydrated body makes for a more powerful reception to the energies around us, and in us. The human body is a biological antennae as well as a power source, a generator, which picks up on even the most subtle energetic flow. It is that which connects the heavens and the beings of it, to the earth and those that live here. The bridge between worlds.

As we age the cellular wall becomes hardened, and hydration does not enter in the optimum. The antennae slowly stops receiving ….. receiving what? Energy, life force, support from our unseen team who communicates in vibration … the cells wither, and so does the body, the mind.

Some time ago I was researching DMSO. I experimented with it. I found that the hardening of the cellular wall became more pliable. The cell was able to receive a proper flush with the water I was drinking. The cell became softer, and therefore did not need as much of the medicine I was taking … in fact, I was able to get off a medicine all together! Once the cells softened and were flushed, the inner workings of body began to function better. (If you choose to try this at home, remember to research your product, as there is industrial DMSO, and the type used for healing. Here’s the one I use from amazon – NO ODOR DMSO – Dimethyl sulfoxide liquid (3.4 Oz – 100ml), Pharmaceutical grade, High purity, Heiltropfen).

These days my favorite thing is to be hydrated, and to listen to sound meditations full volume with head phones. I bring my attention to the reverberation of sound as it enters my ears, as it send ripples of movement through my neck, my arms, my torso. Wherever I put my attention, I wait until the vibration arrives in that location, and I feel it for a time.

Sound vibration, in the water of the cells, and in all subtle bodies.

I talk to my cells as they vibrate, “Wake up cells! Wake up!”

We, my body, my chakra system, and my spirit self, my life force essence, my soul, have work to do, and we must function ideally.

These days, it’s not so much physical fitness …. that was for the days of my youth (who knows what the future brings). In these present moments, its all about energy … how healthy the flow is, whether there are any leakages or weak spots. This all ties in with the emotional body, for if one cannot manage their emotional output, they will forever be manipulated by those who will manage it for them …. and the “managers” prefer to feast on fear. (ie: the state of the world right now).

Here is one of my favorite vibrational pieces. I enjoy starting or ending my day with this.

If it is evening, I’ll sometimes listen to the above followed by this one.

There is nothing quite like feeling the cellular structure of the body dance!! I highly recommend it for everyone! It’s amazing for the nervous system and mind.

Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate my friends, and get activated!

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