Oracle Reading 3-21-2021

Published March 21, 2021 by tindertender

The Sun is the center of our solar system and the source of life. The child on the card reflects rebirth and resurrection as he wears the same red feather as the Fool and the Death card. He is the Fool reborn, with spiritual understanding and mastery. He rides forward on the horse of purity with his newfound freedom. The wall behind him reflects a barrier that has been crossed. The sunflowers represent all the bounty of summer and the richness of a beautiful August day. The Sun appears to fill you with optimism and let you know everything will be okay. Each of us is a Sun with our universe, friends, family, Magic, and creativity orbiting around us. You are pure consciousness and energy. Let yourself shine.

The child of earth holds an innocent nature. It reflects the parts of yourself that is lost in play, exploration and treasures of the material world. An upturned field behind the Page is the bed of possibility. What will you plant? What do you want? An attentive student. Focusing on studies and schoolwork. Thoughtful and curious nature. Focus and fascination. Playful and creative.

Intentions are sent. Energy in motion. Intentions are powerful and the eight of wands is an illustration of action in motion. What is done cannot be undone. The send button is hit, the letter is in the mail. The spell is cast. The words and incantations have been said. While you can’t undo what is done, you can pause, wait and see what the ramifications are. The energy is strong and effective. Allow the universe to work its magic. Do not try to control what has been sent. The situation is out of your hands for now. Be patient and you will get results.

~ Radiant Wise Spirit Tarot

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