Project MK-ULTRA

Published March 15, 2021 by tindertender

Project MK-ULTRA, 1953-present, underground Black Ops., CIA:

Drugs, Electronics, Psychotronics and Electroshock
Targeting: Short Range Frequencies: VHF, HF, & UHF modulated at ELF Transmission and Reception
Purpose: Programming behavior, creation of “cyborg” mentalities
Effects: narcoleptic trance, programming by suggestion
Sub-projects: Many
Pseudonym: Project Artichoke
Functional Basis: Electronic Dissolution of Memory, E.D.O.M.
Project MK Ultra, Church Committee

In Latin “mens” means “mind”. The word “mental” comes from this Latin word.”Ment” is a suffix added to words in the English language to mean “the condition …

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