Glowing Hermit-ics

Published February 3, 2021 by tindertender

They say Leo’s love attention, crave it even, wanting to be the center of everyone’s focus. ‘They’ do not know me, or many others.

I am of the mind that people say this about the Leo simply because the ‘horoscope’ that has been printed for decades describes us as such.

Mostly, it’s just “leave us the heck alone”.

But when we shine, we shine so bright, which may cause this misperception, and even cause some to despise us for the genuine happiness we radiate.

And when we radiate happiness, it GLOWS and gets all over everything and everyone. Maybe this is why so many talk smack about our brightness, calling it ego.

Sometimes the brightest lights are the most severely attacked.

The slanderers cannot stand the light shining upon them. After all … we are quite bright, illuminating the shadows some try to hide.

Personally, I find relief when others decide not to focus on me … allowing me ME time … without interruption, or judgement, or scheming ways to manipulate or control.

Maybe I get this from my recluse father.

Genetics … hermit-ics … hahahaa

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