Oracle Reading 2-2-2021

Published February 2, 2021 by tindertender

You: Healing ~ Strength ~ You have worked hard to get where you are. Your system of knowledge can be utilized in this area. Trust your power to mend situations.

The bridge you are now crossing: Dream ~ Envision ~ Wander ~ It is time to await opportunity expectantly. You are probably engaged in fantasy and longing during this period. You will reach fulfillment on the path Creator has laid before you.

That which will be experienced when the bridge is crossed: Bounty ~ Empress ~ Nourish yourself. Allow yourself to experience contentment. Gather symbols of past positive experiences to reinforce your feelings of self-worth and to stimulate your appreciation of your own experience so far. Enhance your strong points. Appreciate what you have.

The purification needed, or taking place: Words can heal or steal ~ Now is the time to contemplate just what the words you hold in your mind are doing for you and to others. You are not the words themselves. You are in control of them. They are your tools.

The creative focus needed or taking place ~ Give away the first fruits of your talents ~ The giveaway can be a totally positive experience if you have provided for your own well-being, put your heart and soul into your work for the sake of itself rather than for reward, and are willing to give your first efforts away to someone you love.

That which must be scrutinized for its benefit to or interference with your goal: Ecstasy ~ Lovers ~ Take pleasure in the heightened sense of well-being you are experiencing. A balance is taking place within you. Enjoy it. (Visualization: Realizing you have the opposite sex within you, visualize your “other half” and yourself meeting, getting better aquatinted, going off together, and making the kind of love for which you have always wished. Be as sensual and specific as possible).

That which you must act on with devotion and to which you must give your most unselfish love ~ Stand by your words ~ In guiding anyone, particularly youth, make sure your words assist their becoming self-responsible, capable and caring. Listen to the needs of the developing soul of the student. Encourage the expression of Highest Self in all beings. Point the way by your own life and actions.

From the deck “Medicine Woman” tarot deck, created by Carol Bridges

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