Heart Wide Open

Published February 1, 2021 by tindertender

“Dominator culture is co-dependent culture.”
~ @PartnershipVibe

It never ceases to amaze me to see and hear people pointing at others and listing the faults they perceive to be there, or the ignoring of reasons as to why they see these things in another in the first place, mirroring back to them.

Perhaps they are part of the dominator culture. Needing to point out flaws of others so their own flaws don’t seem too big, bright, or shiny … to take attention off self and place it upon another in a manipulated fashion.

In other words … don’t look here … Look! Over there!

Dominating the viewpoints of others, forming opinions in the minds of those who will listen … about the subject matter, whatever it may be.

The need to dominate thought processes of others in any given situation is indeed the need to have another follow along with ones own personal perceptions and/or agenda … whether right or wrong.

Ever so slightly manipulating the Will of others, usurping theirs with ones own.

When others stop going along with gossip and pull away, the dominator is left standing alone, wondering, what now?

Well, dear …. Now you take a look at Self, a long introspection of what dwells there.

Release the need to manipulate anyone or anything other than the internal Self. This alone is plenty of opportunity to alter the world for the better … Unless this is not what is desired?

Heart Wide Open

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