Oracle Reading 1-28-2021

Published January 28, 2021 by tindertender

Metamorphosis ~ Trust the process and be patient. Becoming cannot be rushed. Change is beautiful ~ Today I embrace transformation in my life. I will not be upset with things I cannot change, for change has its own timing. Instead, I will let go and flow into this powerful process. Once it starts I know it will not stop. Right now I will have patience with myself, forgive myself and love myself. I know I am an amazing being on a journey to beautiful change.

Creation ~ Remember your thoughts shape your future. Your words create today. Your choices become your reality ~ Today I will take steps to create the life of my dreams. I will be careful of my thoughts for I know they become my words. I will be careful of my words for they become my actions. I know my actions become my character and my character shales my destiny. I have the power to make right choices. My choices create life.

Action ~ Stop hesitating. Movement creates the magic. Nothing can hold you back ~ Today I will focus my energy on moving forward without hesitation. I will get things done. My head and my heart are moving in the same direction. I won’t waste energy worrying about “ what ifs” and “who says”. I will rise up, feel my power and be happy. Nothing can hold me back.

Power ~ Call upon the elements. Focus your intentions. The greatest dragon is within you ~ Right now I look to the Spirit within and I feel my inner power. I call upon the forces of nature for even more strength and direction. I will not waver from the task at hand for this is my time. I will go forth with courage and I will succeed, for life and power are on my side.

Strength ~ You have courage. You can endure. Find your center and spiral into your power ~ Today I will look within and realize that I have all the courage and strength that I need for any situation. I will stand for what I believe in even if it means standing alone. I will be kind, true, merciful, generous, and honest with myself and others for this is what lasts. I am a powerful, eternal being on my journey through forever and I will not be afraid.

From Magical Times Empowerment Cards created by Jody Bergsma

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