Breaking Ties That Bind

Published January 27, 2021 by tindertender

“If a man is compelled to work against his will for one minute or one second, for any cause, reason, or purpose whatsoever – THAT is involuntary servitude.”
~ Ayn Rand

We are doing a real disservice to our Soul when we do not honor our innermost urgings, or warnings.

I for one am not interested in f***ing myself over for the benefit of one that longs to rule over me, to usurp my Will with their own.

It all about freedom, and maintaining it to the best of our ability … and it takes work, effort must be aplied.

The role of victim/victimizer/savior must be left behind, (although, sometimes a little assistance is needed to get us going).


Learn to be your own guardian.

And thank those who have sent you the challenges in order to do so.

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