The Power of Music

Published January 26, 2021 by tindertender

Let’s bring some knowledge above Majestic:
Let’s talk about Music and the “power” of it.

Many people live and die by their music. They listen to it while in the shower, getting ready in the morning, driving to work, studying, breaks during work, social events, public gatherings, marches, rallies, etc. People are particular about their type of music. Allow us to expand.

Music has ranges of emotional frequencies that correlate to mood and energy resonance while listening. The depth of concentration is proportional to the vibrational synchronicity between your IS-BE and the music when “you really feel it deep down”.

Many people like to suggest that the music they listen to is not reflective of their personality. We are stating categorically that this is malicious disinformation intended to protect Globalism agendas of destroying the family unit and encouraging drugs/sex/violence as normal.

Music can have spiritual sides to it as well as medical. Lyrics within music are carefully crafted spells of Magick. The strength of the spell is proportional to the emotional reaction the artist receives from others “moved” by the music.

Lyrics about rape, killing, pedophilia, etc. all resonate consciously on frequencies that are very low vibration. Listening to music physically alters your aura/IS-BE frequency being projected subconsciously from within.

Your subconscious is what picks and chooses music that resonate. For many, cultural expectations pertaining to “constant music listening” is tied to “emptiness” and “NPCness” and is the root cause of many social and emotional reactions to live events.

Music was weaponized by child abusers since the opportunity of grooming children became normalized and the society perceived a great demand for your cookie cutter boy bands and “hit me baby one more time” innuendo.

Like all interactions in the lower densities of consciousness; what you inject into your body, what you consume for your food, what you brush your teeth with, where you get your “news”, and many more elements are all contributing factors to your aura/IS-BE resonance frequency.

When a person is comfortable with demonic music, their IS-BE is crying for their ego to listen. Instead, the mathematical patterns in music composition theory are studied mind control scriptures to “create masterpieces”. There is a perceived formula for success.

With all music, look into the lyrics, see if you can see similarities between the words “sung” and what resonates from within. Track these. Analyze for themes or patterns. Then meditate on distinct themes or patterns discovered. New information shall unlock to the open minded.

With great power comes great responsibility. Question. Can music still be demonic if it has no lyrics? I mainly listen to smaller producers and most don’t have vocals Answer. Absolutely. Lyrics/instrumental/acoustic/electronic are all separate types of frequencies and all have consequential effects on your IS-BE’s aura/consciousness/life energy/frequency.

I think you all know “Hotel California” – have you really understood the message of the lyrics. What they describe, for example ….” this could be heaven, this could be hell”… go to the lyrics and look through the veil…..

Or “Imagine Dragons” – this is not “fiction what they describe”.

And music is created with INTENT – even if the Artists don’t know exactly what they are doing. Somebody always knows and uses them. For good or bad. (labels)

I just thought back, when I was the Paramedic on an emergency car and we always played “Don’t stop me now” (Queen) or “I’ll survive” (Gaynor) – no coincidence.

The power you have to manifest the reality you seek begins with your intentions behind every interaction you have. Synchronicity unlocks the universal creative energy force and allows your thoughts to percolate into reality. Many Secret Society ET derived cults are threatened by mainstream disclosure and instead demand the impossible (absolute full disclosure of all knowable information to be) and corrective demands with promises of ascension and higher vibrational living.


The “tone” of music was supposedly changed from Mozart days disrupting the natural frequency that resonates with your body.

I’ve been told by musicians this is true.


Correct. Intentionally done to create a slave population.

Source: @Karina89350882

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