Consciousness: The Mistaken God

Published January 7, 2021 by tindertender

A book my new brother in Namibia has written. If so inclined, please contact him directly for purchase.

Darlington is a teacher of children, and also provides instruction to enable the adult opportunity for learning how to train the mind and program the consciousness.

My book (E-book), Consciousness: The Mistaken God is now available.

Not yet online due to technicalities of online payment in Namibia. However, one can DM and be given the straight details and for acquiring the book.

The book explains how failure to understand consciousness has resulted in mankind “creating” the God. The three states of consciousness have manifested this universe, and we all have those 3 states of consciousness. Thus, we are Gods who created the universe.

Quite an enlightening book. It explains how consciousness used to exist as formless b4 the Big Bang.

Also how Demiurge “captured” Source Consciousness, how to program the subconscious mind and the 3 states of consciousness, among others.

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