The Matter of Time

Published January 6, 2021 by tindertender

Dear family, this will be a short lecture on the importance of understanding the relativity of time in the path of awakening.

The first thing is to remember together that we can be impatient most of the time, we want instant gratification and shortcuts to get what we want in life experience.

But, here it is also good to remember that our origins arise from the Father’s radiation that is expressed in a vibration that is first crystalline, then we pass through the plant kingdom, then the animal kingdom, until we become human and then cosmic human, in which we begin the path of ascensions, through dimensions of light, dimension after dimension, until we achieve the maximum achievement of an ascending being. We leave the Father Mother Creator as sparks and return to Him as Suns! completing the eternal cycle of an exhalation and inhalation of the Creator.

From 5D everything IS instantaneous, but the transitions to our present reality have a variable called time, and it is fundamental to reconcile these realities in our mind and heart to understand that we are learning to co-create from 5D to this plane of existence, and the speed of materialization depends at the individual level on our ability to love unconditionally and generate the fiat of light to be able to stretch or cut that variable, and turn it into timelines that will be the real achievement of such co-creations.

And on a collective level it works the same way, a single integrated cosmic Mind, united in love, in which individuality is honored and respected and is invaluable because the sum of the parts constitutes a complete creation that exceeds the sum of them.

That is what we are doing in the now… we are learning to stretch and cut that variable to be effective co-creators, this is a school for Ascended Masters and the wisdom of the soul invites us to study/recall these humble teachings from the heart, validating them as always by the hand of our superior Being and our analytical and deductive intelligence that are tools that must work at the disposal of our Soul.

But, in order to achieve this, we need to take anxiety, fear and anguish out of the equation, which is an individual task of each being, because Fear destroys even the most beautiful creations that arise as a yearning, as a song of the soul.

And then once we overcome our fears on an individual level, we will be united, in harmony as ONE, as a Collective Consciousness and thus we can achieve miracles. Extraordinary and wonderful events that cannot be explained by the regular laws of nature, and that are attributed to the intervention of the Creator Himself. This is our real challenge and the real teaching of Yeshua: to become Miracle Makers!

We embrace them with the soul, and we leave this small light on the path with the only encouragement of allowing other understanding to those who vibrate with it. love you ALL.

Source: @MelkyofMercy

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