Robots and Genetic Alteration

Published December 16, 2020 by tindertender

Even the royals have robots of themselves which they use for certain events.

Of course, many of them simply use clones …. and they sometimes malfunction.

They can “transfer memories” of a life to the new clone …

Read here … “Living organisms and parts of living organisms are not inventions, and only inventions can be patented”  yet they DO hand out patents … like candy.

They DO clone … they simply are not supposed to patent it … unless of course, they ALTER the bioform into something else …

Which is EXACTLY what this Covid vaccine does to the human body and genetics.

They’ll alter the human, and patent the new format … give it a number (which we already have) … hence, this is not the first time they have altered the human being.

They feel they OWN humanity … “they” being the wealthy clones … Sourceless … Soulless and the some aspects of “the unseen” they are in league with (who believe humans are nothing more than a commodity), to enslave humans, put them to sleep, until harvest time … what some call Ascension.

What do you think?

View at 1:23 for the statement. They CODE the virus to make genetic changes to the dna strand.

Wah-lah … new format of human, patented.

And since people will WILLINGLY take the vaccine, it is seen as an agreement. After all, they TELL US that it alters genetics, they have disclosed the information … and then polarize with a denial.

Disclosure … they can call it conspiracy once they’ve told you, and so many will believe the flip flop and “trust” them and take the jab … too late.

Sleepers once more.

Even sicker than before.

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