Oracle Reading 12-11-2020

Published December 11, 2020 by tindertender

Take time to energize and express yourself verbally. Get in touch with Mother Nature, ground yourself, and express your artistic abilities. Be quiet, listen, you will understand how to free yourself from the every day pressures and soothe emotional tension.

Leadership requires great insight. You are accountable for your actions. Lead with wisdom and reason. Be sure to think all things out and focus your intention before you “jump in with all fours”.

Your qualities of mothering, nurturing and giving beauty are emphasized. Now is a good time to look at your home environment, examine the ‘thorns’ and the ‘blossoms’. What can you do to improve your space, mentally and physically? You may need to Mother your own inner child at this time, tap into your inner strength, your ancient crone, the old aged one in yourself to take care of the teenager who is craving attention.

Now is the time for transformation. It is time to remove restrictions and to go beyond your normal abilities and develop your metaphysical skills. Look to past knowledge, events and lives for new understandings, ultimate realities, and wisdom. Be poetic but do not forget to laugh at the world and yourself.

It is a time of communications to transform your knowledge and combine it with universal and spiritual development to balance and counteract negative thought forms in all people.

What or who is getting under your skin? Open your eyes and get to the root of the problem. Your ability to communicate will bring you the abundance and prosperity you are seeking.

See through and above whatever situation you may find yourself in at this time. From a higher perspective, you can see hazards and obstacles that block your progress. Meanings are often camouflaged in our day-to-day routine. It is time to obtain balance and insight. Follow your heart, your genuine truth.

Reading from the deck “Shaman Wisdom Cards” created by Leita Richesson

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