Odu Ifa: Divine Verses

Published December 11, 2020 by tindertender

Chapter X11: 43-55

43. For you nothing is sacred, nothing profane, nothing is dangerous, nothing safe.

44. You are the embodiment of power itself, from whom all others must generate energy.

45. You are the heart of the fire, forever warm.

46. You shall keep the others ignited.

47. You are the bearer of ase, the supreme veto.

48. Whatever you wish to be done must be done.

49. Whatever you ignore must stay shunned.

50. To you must come anyone who desires or aspires, for without your consent is nothing done.

51. You, the center, are also the margin. The light, you are also the shadow.

52. The master, you are also servant of all and sundry who beseech you for favors and quests.

53. From gods and goddesses to mere paupers will seek you out on a constant basis, and you will attend to each according to the goodness of his or her person.

54. The wicked you will treat without mercy and the good person will receive your favor.

55. To each you will cast his or her lot, without fear, without favor or without fervor.

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