Sexual Energy

Published December 10, 2020 by tindertender

Masturbation in and of itself is not perverse.

Wanting to WATCH someone masturbate is … if you’re a peeping Tom, or Jane, uninvited.

Of course, there are those who will tell you both are perverse.

The sexual energy is a powerful energy.

A sacred energy.

The physical form collects energy as time progresses. If single, this energy must be ‘bled off’ periodically, or it will overtake the mind, clogging all other senses. Thoughts will become agitated and scattered.

It is perfectly natural to manage ones own energies as needed to maintain equilibrium of the whole.

Society has been indoctrinated to feel that managing ones own energetic output in such a way as masturbation is perverse … it is not.

Watching porn … is.

Peeping Tom/Jane watching while another manages their energies, without invitation … is.

Managing Self created energies … is not.

Mind you, I do not speak of fantasizing about someone while managing the energy, that in itself is a trespass, I speak strictly of bleeding off the excess … a simple matter.

The belief system fed to people, that which people took on as their own belief, must be shed. The teaching’s base is built upon lies.

Responsibility for ones own energetic creation and output is crucial.

Energies unstable can be destructive … and also vampired for use by another, in the seen, and primarily in the unseen.

There is a lot of this happening right now, the veils are very thin.

As GAIAs energies, and that of each individual rise, veils drop and dimensions merge … indeed, dimensions are about to merge BIG TIME.

Dwellers in other dimensions are “testing out” the passions of humanity … call it an interview of sorts. They say to themselves, Do I like this one? Do I like that one? They are like kids in a candy store right now, and because it is unfamiliar to those in body, it is believed benevolent … wrong.

Any trespass of one in body would be considered just that, a trespass … one might even say stay out of my bedroom! Yet somehow, people fantasize about it when it happens in the astral … dreaming of soul mates and twin flames.


A soulmate or twin flame would respect your privacy and WAIT for the actual physical union.

Fantasy will be the downfall of humankind … as they convince themselves it is good …because it feels good. Making a person feel good while they drain off sexual energy is one of their specialties.

This fantasy will leave people wide open and vulnerable, defenses down, able to be manipulated by any schmuck in the astral who wants a taste of that energy.

Taste … yes …

The sexual energy is one form of energy that is most powerful, and unfortunately, there are those in the unseen who must feed on it to sustain themselves.

All while a living dream is created in a persons mind of agreement, acceptance, and submittal.

That which you cannot say no to is NOT mutual.

It is a disrespect, and a trespass.

And when you finally DO say no, they’ll label you as having attitude.

Which is exactly WHY masturbation is necessary for those who are not with partner right now. If the sexual energy becomes too potent, there will inevitably be someone in the astral to take advantage, and bleed off the energy for you … and they do not ask first. They’ll make you feel good, and they consider this fair trade. No permission needed.

People really need to take charge of their energies, especially now with the song of GAIA increasing and the vibration of the physical form intensifying.

Cattle is what some of them call us.

An energetic food source.

Sometimes they’ll give you masturbation dreams, especially if they don’t find YOU all that attractive, but still want to feast on your energy.

Be aware.

Take charge of the growth of your energy, and the maintenance of it, so another cannot manage it for you … unless you want to be used, of course.

My hope is that every person will understand the sacredness of their sexual energies, indeed ALL of their energies, and only permit those invited to partake in them.

Honor thyself.
Respect thyself.
Care for thyself.
Love thyself.

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