Oracle Reading 12-7-2020

Published December 7, 2020 by tindertender

This is the time for the release of stored up anger, rage, pain, and stress. Do not focus too much on the self, enjoy friendly gatherings.

Become socially aware of all around you. Express your masculine sexuality, be bold, go on a vision quest. Demand perfection, do not be content until it is right.

Keep a watchful eye open at all times. There are those who wish you didn’t see beneath the surface of their realities. Protect yourself or others will take advantage of you. You are naturally discerning and intuitive. Continue to listen and observe so you won’t miss the subtle messages. Even in the darkness you see what others cannot. Silently go after your desires and dreams. Along your way, you will encounter people who are apprehensive around you because of your psychic abilities and intuition. Stick to your truth.

Acknowledge your ability to lead and take charge in any situation. Leadership requires great insight. You are accountable for your actions. Lead with wisdom and reason. Be sure to think all things out and focus your attention before you “jump in with all fours.”

You have the courage you need for survival. At your foundation is passion that can be excited to rage.

Friendships can become close without being competitive or jealous. Unlimited possibilities will lead to growth in new areas of interest.

You are called to begin anew, to sharpen your communication skills, to get along better with all your relations. Energy increases during this time; let your ideas germinate and grow, let yourself smile at the progress.

Reading from the deck “Shaman Wisdom Cards” created by Leita Richesson

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