Becoming The Environment

Published November 6, 2020 by tindertender

You may have heard the phrase, “You are the company you keep”. You may have even concluded this to be a truth.

That which we fill our lives with, we mold to, we shape ourselves to fit. Whether it be a certain group of people, a certain genre of ideation, the movie styles we fill our viewing pleasures with, and any number of other habitual patterns we formulate for ourselves.

These things and situations we make ‘regular’ in our lives builds our character. (Fortunately, character is fluid, continuously evolving, morphing into successive phases of being and understanding.)

Becoming our environment can be clear, as in the company we keep. Something less obvious is the messages we ingest via broadcasting, theatricals.

Movies … ugh. The typical American movie these days has gunfire, explosions, and sex. People in the roles of abuser and victim … winners and losers. Rarely do we see promoted televised shows of unity and harmony … not on cable anyhow.

These constant showings shape our psyche, desensitizing the mind to the atrocities televised, day in and day out.

The “picture” show leaves endless snapshots in the mind for the memory complex to call up at any time, to focus on chaos and harmful situations whenever … as one has a conversation with another about the details of the film, the visions that have been seared into mind via retinal implant flash before the hidden eyes of the ‘think tank’.

Those who watch a lot of television are having their minds molded to a certain way of thinking and behaving. It’s a fact, there is a patent on this manipulative technique.

Manipulation of the nervous system coupled with violence and other scenes from movies as well as subliminal messages “molds” the mind of the viewer, especially if alcohol or other substances are used while watching.

I look around me in wonder that so many people think they are behaving in a manner of ‘choice’, denying the notion that they are allowing themselves to be programmed. It is clear to me, from personal experience, that to admit one is not entirely in control of their reality is difficult, if not impossible, especially if the ego is sufficiently set up and validated.

To become humbled enough to see deep inside self and claim it all is risky business … it’s a given that the ego will fight it off with everything it has. It’ll feel like dying, and indeed, it will be a death, for once the inner workings of the mind and heart are seen, the truths uncovered cannot be denied.

This is a time to create a new persona, expanding character, stretching beyond the comfort zone and really figuring out what has been hiding in the depths of self. To locate anything that triggers an intense emotional response and dismantle it at its core.

The light is shining upon all things these days, nothing will remain hidden or denied much longer.

Forgiveness will need to be a focus … forgiveness of others, yes, but also forgiveness of self.

Many things will grow transparent in the coming days, weeks, and months. Be calm, and choose … from the heart … what you are going to become personally, building your own character, rather than becoming as instructed and/or implanted with via the broadcasting network.

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