Darling …

Published August 28, 2020 by tindertender

Darling, Darling
You’re beautiful,
You gotta keep your head up
Never let anything bring you down,
The sunshine will always come around

Stay strong, move on
You have such a beautiful soul
Let your energy radiate

Darling, Darling
You’re beautiful, you gotta keep your head up
Never let anything bring you down,
The sunshine will always come around

Stay strong, move on
You have such a beautiful soul
Let your energy radiate

Mmm, mmhmmm, hmmhmm, mmmhm, mmmhm, mmm …

Darling, Darling
Remember days will get much better

Darling, Darling
You can make it through the stormy weather

Darling, Darling
Please don’t ever give up

Darling, Darling
You gotta keep your head up

Darling, Darling
Remember days will get much better

Darling, Darling
You can make it through the stormy weather

Darling, Darling
Please don’t ever give up

Darling, Darling
You gotta keep your head up

Mmm, mmhmmm, hmmhmm, mmmhm, mmmhm, mmm…

One comment on “Darling …

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    Daily Health News

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