Stand Strong

Published July 9, 2020 by tindertender

Written by:

Remember we are a huge team and we have each other’s backs throughout the dimensions. Connect with that team in alchemical unification as we create a more powerfully positively polarised collective consciousness than this planet has ever seen.

This is your choice, how you take this for you hold the power. Not so easy in person – but well within a starseed’s ability to neutralise when it is online.

The reaction you need is no reaction. Pure observation. A lack of reaction, a lack of response, neutralises any movement of energy of attack towards you and the transmutation thus moves from attack into failed attempted attack.

Remember, no matter how ugly and vile the words, these are minions from a long established system finally being uprooted from their positions of power. They hold no sway on social media or astrally through psychic attack unless you allow them to.


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