Oracle Reading 7-4-2020

Published July 4, 2020 by tindertender

Heart of the Issue: Strategy: We live in a world where logic and rationality reign supreme. Athena makes her decisions most often with her head and not her heart. There is very little emotion in her cool demeanor, and she keeps her eyes firmly on the prize. This is not the most balanced way to conduct your life. While this kind of sharp, intelligent maneuvering may be acceptable on a battlefield, it may not be so suitable in friendships and other close relationships.

The Challenge: Authenticity: Sadly, as time went on and stories became Christianized, Baba Yaga became an evil witch figure who ate children and was punished by the hero for her various evil deeds. Instead of being a challenging figure, she became a rigid character of disruption and blockage, only inspiring fear. We too can become this way at times – too afraid to be flexible or not brave enough to show our true selves. While we may not be called evil hags for this, like Baba Yaga, the energy is one that creates obstacles, difficulties, and drama. It’s always a powerful thing to know ourselves and to actively be ourselves. If we recognize that, we need not generate the negative energy that comes with pretending to be someone we are not.

Examine your darker aspects. You are being shown the way forward. Your path is illuminated, and there is no need to feel lost or indecisive. Something that has been lost to you will be found.

The Solution: Illumination: Hekate is a goddess of the dark underworld and, paradoxically, is a torchbearer who brings the light to this same darkness. Illuminating the darkest pathways, this magnetic goddess invites you to travel the shadows with her, but only under her wise guidance. Hekate is often depicted standing at the crossroads with a three-headed dog (past-present-future) so she is the ideal goddess to call upon if you feel lost, you don’t know which direction to turn, or you are working to improve yourself.


Reading from the deck “Goddesses and Sirens” created by Stacey Demarco

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