Published July 4, 2020 by tindertender

Sometimes your worst antagonist is your greatest ally, whether knowingly, or unknowingly by either party.

Who else but those who love us most would agree to reside in a seat that receives so much expression, outburst, argument and complete freak out? Who would just kick back and endure that … for no reason?

There must be a divine purpose to the presence of all those who trigger us. They allow us to see ourselves, rawly, in the moment.

The reaction is often denial, yet how can one deny what is blatantly in the face? Apparent for ALL to see … no sense in denying it … may as well acknowledge it and at last see it.

Yesterday for me was a deep remembrance of intense pain. I was thankful for it being a memory only, for it was quite influential on my mental status for the day … even as the memory was from nearly three decades ago.

Yet … the seemingly cold hearted will say, “what does she expect, everyone to feel sorry for that, for her chosen self crucifixion” as tears roll down her face. They may perceive the moment as a pity party of sorts.

And we might say, “You bastard!” Jerk……. I’ve concluded that no one actually has the authority to tell me what my “process” must look like. This is my experience, unique to me. Of course many will not be in agreement or acceptance of it.

Someone else always seems to know best.

But then, if we are wise, we will evaluate the triggering phrase or event and see if it really does apply to our situation.

Harsh realities often are recognized by our worst antagonist … given to us for opportunity of ‘stretching’ the conscious capacity, growing beyond the trigger.

They must love us greatly to offer us this view.

At least … this is how I choose to view it.


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