Published June 28, 2020 by tindertender

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Hello, everyone. Today I just have a short message from Archangel Raphael, who sometimes uses my account. She is currently busy holding together a tectonic plate system and calming down a volcano.

I’ve described to you in the past the work that AA Raphael has done to remove implants from your brains and help you heal from what has happened over the time you’ve spent on this planet. She wants to let you know that we all need to work on setting appropriate energetic boundaries to deal with those who hurt us, with their words and actions. This again is a matter of strengthening the energy bubble around your body, known as the “auric field.”

Sometimes we are in family or work or community situations where we are required to maintain relationships that no longer serve us in a positive way. Without a strong energetic barrier between ourselves and those who want to hurt us, our energy fields become ineffective.

I would like to add that this also applies to the constant barrage of negativity that comes out of all of the different political factions in the world. Politics are designed for control. The messages that come out of politics are meant as a mind control operation.

With a strong auric field, the harmful messages of hate and judgment that come from poor relationships or the media will more easily bounce off you, rather than deplete your precious Creator energy we each carry.

This thread from March will give you some information on how to strengthen your auric field. The Christ Letters we have been discussing offer more complete information on healing the energy you output to change your reality.

AA Raphael also sends her love, and wants you to know she and her teams are working to deal with all of those who are ill and struggling with COVID-19. She and the healing teams of her gestalt are always in your service, simply by asking for their assistance in your mind.


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