Control Your Mind

Published June 26, 2020 by tindertender

It’s about Peace, Man!

Many things we do, or do not do, affect our mind and our ability to ‘properly’ process information.

Some believe that if they spend their effort in various energies, they might be left vulnerable … open to attack.

So they shrink.

They hide.

Limiting their Power and sense of Connection.

Open yourself …

Open, and learn to withstand what some throw your way.

During these processes, with effort, you will learn to respond to all situations with grace.

No one starts at the top, not even the very rich. They still have to hone their ability to influence thought of the whole.

Remember …

Our task is to ‘stretch’ our abilities, in BOTH directions, for balance.

Yet never with a loss of control …

Be aware at all times of your output,

And your intake.

Act accordingly.

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