Jekyll and Hyde

Published June 25, 2020 by tindertender

We all have them.

We embody polarity. It is impossible to get away from the fact all things dwell within us.

The good guy gets to stay out during the day … at work, on a date … yet as soon as the alcohol starts (or other substance) the alter ego comes out.

Some say it is spirits, taking advantage of our lowering of the guard, and it could very well be.

YOU are the gate keeper.

YOU determine on whether to lower your guard.

YOU decide to share your form with others, seen, unseen … permission is granted as soon as the guard slips.

As soon as you surrender control.

I used to think that surrender only came via the use of alcohol. I was mistaken, it is ALL things that affect our guard.

Whether lowering it and thinking negative thoughts, or opening it wide, making self vulnerable to outside influences, which in turn affect the mind, as well as energetic contributions and all other output.

We all have Choice.

Choice is where Power is.

Power dwells within Love.

Love resides in the Soul.

Will you ‘release’ the dragon?

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