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Published June 18, 2020 by tindertender

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Angry people generally are not patient. There is a reason why this needs to take a certain amount of time. We can deal with that. We are psychologically stable. They are not. Time helps us and breaks them out of the spell they are in. (Yes witchcraft was used on them).

It may seem like “normal” people are the stable ones and the nuts are the crazy ones, but in reality, “normal” is just the media, corrupted churches, and many other places putting a specific set of expectations and ideas of what “reality” should be.

Those that actually have found logic, reason, emotional balance, and who have already broken the mind control may not always find it easy, but we can absolutely cope. Mind controlled “normal” people will not, no matter how well adjusted they may have thought they are.

So we get through this, they suffer a bit with breaking the mind control tactics while being in a very odd rough time, and eventually we get through this. But time is the ally that we need.

At this point the world has seen more than enough information for honest/diligent people to find a minimum level of love and understanding.

As beautiful and kind as most people are, you have to remember that those running our Eternal society have seen A LOT of people die permanently. I am not just talking about lets go to the next life, go through some therapy and we will be fine. I am saying that many are gone.

The reason I say this is that nature is coming. It may seem odd and stressful thus far in the Exposure that we are in, but as it gets worse, it will get to a lot of people. Remember that peace must come. Many societies and the world our eternal society came from are gone now.

The old world is still a radioactive wasteland where NO LIFE of any kind can survive. This fate is because too many bad people that no one was able to stop. At the time, our group was too small and not powerful enough to do anything to stop the bigger and more violent group.

The world where we really got our start is completely gone. Imagine if our Earth had done that and we were survivors living in another realm with our home world dead. That is one thing in science fiction and quite another in real life.

Let me make this very clear. WE ARE VERY STRONG NOW in our eternal home realm. Our leaders on the other side will NEVER at any point allow foolishness to continue past a certain point. We are not allowed to get to the point of risking that fate for real. It will never happen.

So you will see many unpleasant things here. Nature will ravish and destroy some lands. Many will die. It will be so many that it could lead people to question what possibly could have been done to merit that. Remember that they have seen many things before they cannot repeat.

Remember that they have far more advanced simulations and predictive models that show outcomes of current behavior patterns. Nature is not something they are bringing. They just cleverly timed this Awakening very well to coincide with the stuff that is coming.

While it is going to be scary and all countries should have things that make people nervous, the US is very well protected. The places which cannot and will not listen to peace, and who live in ways that lead to certain mass deaths will not be protected.

I have said that before, but I say that again because a billion plus deaths due to meteors, tsunami(s), and other is not something that shake most people to their core. This is the real world. Free will means that actions have consequences. Nature really does do bad things.

People do bad things, even when much of the time they seem peaceful. In the old world all are gone. The old, young, innocent, horrible… All died together. In the new era, the peaceful only need apply. All races without exception have been contacted many times over the years.

Every race, every continent, no exceptions. If you see marvelous things like great advancements in the far East way back in the day, the Great Wall of China, the Pyramids, and other advancements and gifts of knowledge to certain groups, it is based on laws.

To get something, another thing must be given. If the group is unwilling to listen, then nothing much is given and then our eternal group tries later with someone else. This is the way. They do not usually force their will on people. It is up to the seeker of knowledge to do.

To get something, another thing must be given. If the group is unwilling to listen, then nothing much is given and then our eternal group tries later with someone else. This is the way. They do not usually force their will on people. It is up to the seeker of knowledge to do.

Native Americans absolutely were warned quite a few times long before the problem with the mass migration happened. I know that is not what anyone wants to hear, but this is the reality that you will face in the eternities. They did not listen to quite a number of times that we visited. Free will is free will. They did not listen. We did what we could to make things better. Even as ugly as this was, it would have been far worse had it not been for early intervention and continued management of that problematic time.

Now the both continents North and South America are choice and protected lands that have a great future. Of course all lands have a great future, but things will not be as hard in these lands as in some places (in general, not necessarily every single place). The good people only are protected and there are lots and lots of good people ready and waiting to take the next steps towards rebuilding the planet for peace.

The point of this thread is to state yet one more time that reality is very hard. It is not the ideal dream scenario that most imagine.

There is a HUGE MASSIVE problem that free will plus stubborn ideas creates. It never ends well. Large amounts of people are still mad about what happened with the whole North America and South America thing and it was done as well as could be preserving free will of a bunch of mostly evil stubborn people on many continents. This next time, we do NOT have the luxury of getting people so mad that they hold grudges for the next thousand years. So nature is coming anyways. If people want help, they need to listen and change.

If they do not change to the point where the group is safe, the good ones will have a nice place in paradise, but large parts of many areas will be hit very hard. Nature this time is not something the deep state can control. It is going to do its thing.

The ONLY power that can stop it is the Eternal society we come from, and whom I represent here. If any group wants their help, then it MUST follow all divine laws, and result in a truly peaceful, sustainable solution. So basically, lets not complain about things going sideways.

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