We Need Each Other

Published June 11, 2020 by tindertender

“No single No one possesses the complete range of faculties. through social union, human beings complete one another, and mutually secure their well-being. Because they need one another, they have been created for living in society and not in isolation.” ~ The Spirits’ Book

Take a good long and hard look at what the so-called leaders are pushing for … I do not speak of the president, but those who fight against him.

Covid-19 came along after a three year attempt to impeach the president. The democrats, indeed, the whole advisory committee, pushed for isolation, and the covering of the mouth, signifying compliance, silence.

They sold fear, ripe and ready to eat, while this president tried to give the cure (hydroxychloroquine) which has even been proven to fight cancer … two for one. But what did the majority of Americans do? They swallowed the lies and rejected the cure … they allowed fear, hatred, and false reporting to take from them what they’ve been wanting and waiting for.

The government, previous to this one, steered jobs away from the American citizens, gifting the citizenry profit loss and opportunity loss for their own well-being.

People need to rise together, for anything other than that is ensuring our own demise.

PS – Joe Biden will be taken out of the race by his own team. Whomever they replace him with will be the true devil, or someone puppeted by him (them, since it is a group thing).

The vote will be for freedom …

… or for more of the same we got before this administration, a true slavery symbolized by the mask and stay at home orders.

More human trafficking, more missing people, more murder as they push to eliminate the protectors of the law, and release serious criminals from prisons.

Don’t let your hatred for one man cause you to throw in the towel on your country.

Regardless of the threats …

Threats that make the most hardened warrior crumble and apologize for supporting the president.

The war is real.

And it is bigger than any one man.

My hope is there will be enough Americans and others in this world to support and bring us into the light.





Whatever you need to do to raise your vibe into one of appreciation and love, do it.

Nature works every time.

There WILL be a one world order.

It will come in the form of slavery, or freedom.

Choice is ours.

It will come from a place of fear, hatred, or good thought processing.

It is important to rule the emotions, and not be ruled BY them.

The enemy uses emotion against us … ALL of us, in various methods.

Notice it.

Stand your ground.

Photo: https://unsplash.com/@nickpage

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