Bite The Bullet

Published April 23, 2020 by tindertender

Written by:

Our real test is not surviving the virus. God will take each of us when it’s our time. Instead, it’s to see through the lies and deception and throw off the yoke of our controllers – by our own awakening, not by the help of some galactic intervention.

Opinion: Lockdown and denying rights, seizing power won’t save us. Bailouts won’t, either. Only way is to bite the bullet and take our medicine, pick up the pieces. The unintended consequences of all these good intentions is going to send our world into a deep, downward spiral.

But that’s okay. We need to wake up and address the things in us and our lives that keep us from evolving. This crisis will serve as a catalyst that forces us into new ways of being. Hopefully we can stand up to those who use it to control us and feed off our misery.

Just bite it!

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