Our Beloved Ones! 4-21-2020

Published April 21, 2020 by tindertender

Shared by: https://twitter.com/Kabamur_Taygeta

We Greet You In Peace And Light!

For Light Attracts Light And Only Light Can Hear Our Communication!

Many May Read The Words That Have Been Transmitted From Tones And Vibrations,

To The Language You Read Now, But Not All Will Resonate Or Comprehend!

This Is Natural As Many Have Never Heard Of Our Messages!

To Old Friends We Bow!

To New Friends, We Say Welcome!  And We Bow To You Also!

Earth Is In A Massive Energy Transformation And The Fundamental Composition Of All You Have Ever Considered To Be Real Is Being Restructured,

In Order To Resonate With The Higher Vibrational Composition Of The Life Change Coming Forth!

All Change Is Preceded By Chaos,

And You Find Your World Swimming In It!

As You Witness Systems On Which Your Society Is Based Seem To Crumble Before You,

It Is For The Reason That They Are Built On Foundations Of Diminished Vibrations That Cannot Be Sustained Under Conditions That Continue To Accelerate!

For This Is A Waking Dream And The Collective Consciousness Is Ever Before You, Calling You Home, Into The Being That You Truly Are!

You Are A Powerful Being Of Light And You Are Awakening To This Truth!

The Transformation Taking Place Within Each Being Is Reflected In The Collective, Of Which You Are An Energetic Part!

You Are Not Only Connected To All Life On Earth,

But The Multiverses That You No Longer Remember!

In A Burst Of Light And Powerful Vibrations,

You Will Find Yourself In A Natural Paradise Of Love And Peace!

You Will Greet The Angels And Archangels That Will Stand Before You!

Everything Will Finally Make Sense!

For You Are Our Beloved Ones And We Are Here To Guide You Home!

Never Stop Looking Up!  Many More Are Watching Our Crafts!

Soon We Rise!


I Love You So!


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