Who Am I?

Published March 20, 2020 by tindertender

If words spoken are a representation of who the speaker is … how do they describe the speaker? The speaker who, most likely, subconsciously, is deflecting from their own ways … landing descriptors and/or penalty on anyone but themselves.

Often, harsh or demeaning verbiage is spewed into the world, accidentally, or purposefully, landing on a particular person or group.

Notice what is being created under these types of circumstances, and how the effects of whatever scenario this is, get all over anyone who happens to mingle energy in any number of ways with it.

We are seeing much of this right now.

It seems the media has trained people how to point fingers and play the blame game … unless this is the natural state many minds are in? If so, I find it odd that soooo many people have yet to embark on inner reflection, and rather have simply let loose their inner, fearful, spiteful child. (Some folks cannot thrive without chaos, so they fabricate it).

Even stranger, I know some of the most powerful, prayerful, and helpful people who sometimes slip into this mode. I myself most likely (certainly) slip into it also. I find it confusing. But this entire current experience is rather ‘hidden’ … no one really knows what is happening, or will happen.

Fear over what might be has consumed the minds and hearts of the masses. Another obvious sign many are disconnected from themselves … Of course, those who face it, once were most likely paralyzed by it … so, we are all on different rungs of the same ladder … along the strands of time.

Let the focus be on retracting these harsh energies should we put them out, and transmute them into something more beneficial. Let us focus this powerful energy into a healing for the minds and hearts of all those making decisions right now … within families, within businesses, within governments.

Rather than adding poison to the pot, we ought to focus on sweetening it.

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