Beloved Friends! 3-15-2020

Published March 15, 2020 by tindertender

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I Speak Less Than My Family To You,

Yet I Feel Such Enormous Love And Compassion That Urges Me Forward At Moments To Communicate!

This Is A Moment To Share Truth And Love And Perhaps Remind You To Relax Concerning The Viral Outbreak!

All Is Well And Do Not Focus On This Continually!

It Will Rise Up And It Will Fall Flat!  Be Patient And Vigilant!

In This Moment I Will Take Your Attention To The Sun!

The Sun That Warms Your Body And Sustains All Life,

Is A Living Entity, Just As The Earth Is An Entity!

Both Have A Living Consciousness As They Are Expressions Of The One Creator!

The Sun Has Awareness And Reactions And Temperature Changes!

For Some It Will Be Difficult To Perceive That The Sun Has Feelings Of Love,

However This Is Truth!

Sitting High Above You, Held In Place By Such An Electromagnetic Force, Your Mind Could Not Conceive!

The Sun Burns Brightly And Perfectly.

Ever Watching The Cosmos And Knowing The Purpose Of Its Creation!

In Other Life Stories, There Was Sun Worship And Sun Gods Were Created By Men.

It Seems That Humans Have Always Had A Need To Find Anything Outside Of Self To Have The Answers!

Beloved One, You Have All Answers Within!

As You Are Blessed Many Days To See The Golden Entity Shining Brightly And Loving You So;

Thank God For All Provisions Of Food, Trees, Mountains And Nature!

We Join You In This For Thankfulness Heals Bodies And Planets!

We Join You In Thanking God For Creating This Magnificent Beautiful Being Of Light, That You Call The Sun!

You Truly Have All That Is Needed To Sustain The Cycles Of Change And Growth!

You Are Connected To The Sun As You Are Connected To The Earth And All Creatures With You!

Allow The Perceived Gains And Losses To Flow, As This Too Shall Pass!

Soon We Rise With You From This Waking Dream,

And You Will Remember All Once Again!

Awaken Beloved Ones!



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